What kind of network do we need? You can ask for a free consultation and our engineers will be glad to help. And here are few thoughts about networks.

If your business uses a significant amount of mobile devices like laptops, tablets, barcode scanners and you definitely need good wifi infrastructure you might be interested to look at our wifi networks services.
But if the majority of devices are desktop computers, servers and laptops always sitting on the same desk, then reliable structured data cabling is what is required. Those who advocate wifi networks replacing wired networks everywhere do not know or do not tell customers what is the real difference between them. If you look at like standard WAP these days speed will be somewhere between 300 and 1200 Mbps. A standard copper network switch is 1000 Mbps. Looks very similar. But it is completely different in real life. Wifi signal uses surrounding space as a signal transport medium. That means that if one device sends a signal others must wait in a queue. So we have to divide throughput for 2 if two-way communication required. If there are more devices, more access points, neighbours access points everything gets very messy speed and response time suffers badly. And those WAPs which support like 1200 Mbps speed do that using multiple channels in the majority of situations creating an even uglier mess. Copper 1000 Base-T uses all 4 pairs usually CAT5e cable for bidirectional traffic and each network card connects using its own cable. So even Gbit network is far superior even if compared with multichannel 5GHz wifi. Moreover, modern buildings usually get wired with CAT6A cables to support 10 Gbps speed for 100 meters distance.

But your network might be just fine and problems caused by something completely different.

Please do not hesitate to request a free consultation.